Arvest Bank is ready to help. This is true for each associate throughout the Arvest footprint. Whether helping a customer with their personal finances, preparing for the future or working to provide disaster relief, the men and women of Arvest are committed to giving their all to the customers they serve.

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Arvest Bank has created a video series titled “An Arvest Helpful Moment,” in which featured associates have the opportunity to tell their story to the world.

Our first video features Beth Presley, Fort Smith Marketing Manager, as she recalls working with Arvest Bank and members of the community to provide disaster relief to those who were displaced by the 2019 floods, which affected much of Arkansas and Oklahoma.

“Arvest partnered with the United Way of the Fort Smith area providing volunteers as well as funding to help with the displacement from their homes,” said Beth.

Beth, along with other members of the Arvest family, worked long hours cooking, cleaning and doing their part for the community they love.

Other videos in the series include a look into the lives of Jessie M., Electronic Banking Specialist, and Vanessa C., Arvest ATM with Live Teller Experience Specialist. Both Jessie and Vanessa work behind the scenes and directly with customers day after day, answering questions, providing assistance and going above and beyond to help their customers.

“I was a customer of Arvest for nine years before coming to work here,” said Jessie. “I really enjoyed the customer service – it was always top notch. It seemed like the type of environment I wanted to work in.”

In Jessie’s feature, he describes an experience he had with a customer over the phone. Jessie used his knowledge of available Arvest Bank products and services to not only help the customer with his immediate needs, but also with needs he had not anticipated yet, including enrolling in BillPay and online banking.

Vanessa shares how she finds little ways to bond with her customers. Even though she may not see the same customers every day – or even every week, she shows the same amount of care and devotion to each and every customer she helps.

“We try to anticipate the customer’s every need and go as far as we can to take care of our customers, even through a video screen,” said Vanessa. “Our customers learn they can trust us because we do everything we can for them and we always have their best interest in mind when providing service to them.”

The video series “An Arvest Helpful Moment” is available to watch on all Arvest social media platforms and Arvest Share. New videos are released each month and feature associates from all areas of Arvest Bank who are ready to help.