Arvest Bank’s mortgage division and Arvest Central Mortgage Company (ACMC) understand we all hit rough patches. Sometimes that results in customers struggling to make their mortgage payments, something that has become more common as many people are feeling adverse effects caused by COVID-19.

That’s why Arvest’s mortgage division and ACMC have joined an independent coalition of industry leaders across the United States in a campaign to raise awareness among customers who have missed one or more mortgage payments in 2020 and may be eligible for forbearance assistance. The assistance is available under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

One goal of the campaign is to let mortgage customers know there are tools in place to help them.

“The most important thing for customers who are struggling is to have a conversation with us,” said Rodney Bechdoldt, executive director of mortgage loan servicing for Arvest Central Mortgage Company. “We know that sometimes customers are hesitant to engage with us if they’re unable to make a payment. We want them to understand that relief programs are available for almost all loan types. The key to customers taking advantage of assistance options, though, is to have a conversation with us. That’s the best way to examine all the options and choose the most appropriate way forward.”

Customers who are struggling and want to learn more are encouraged to call us at (877) 483-2940 or visit or