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Grandparent with card from grandchild

Grandparents Day. Showing Appreciation For Their Support.

In twenty-two countries around the world, a special day is designated to recognize and to celebrate grandparents. In America that day is the first Sunday after Labor Day. Creating a family and a lasting legacy is a tremendous achievement, and every grandparent...

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How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

Your life insurance needs change as your life changes. When you are young, you may not have a need for life insurance. However, as you take on more responsibility and your family grows, your life insurance needs increase. Your needs may then decrease after your...

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Couple meeting with an advisor

Investing for Major Financial Goals

Go out into your yard and dig a big hole. Every month throw $50 into it but do not take any money out until you are ready to buy a house, send your child to college, or retire. It sounds a little crazy, right? This is what investing without setting clear-cut goals...

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Celebrating Senior Citizens Day

Forty years ago, President Ronald Reagan signed Proclamation 5847 and marked August 21 as the day seniors will be celebrated. The majority of seniors being celebrated at the time were people who lived through world wars and difficult economic times, banded together...

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Saving For College: Why You Should Consider A 529 Plan

Many financial professionals recommend 529 plans as the best way for most families to save for college.* After new legislation that passed in 2019, 529 plans are more flexible than ever to help you make the most of your investment and your tax-free earnings. Here...

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Choosing College in the Game of Life

The Game of Life (the board game introduced by Milton Bradley as The Checkered Game of Life) was originally created over 160 years ago, in 1860. In the modern version released in 1960, the game starts out with an interesting scenario. Each player must choose...

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Family walking to the beach

Travel Trusts: Giving the Gift of Experiences

With restrictions winding down and summer in full swing, Americans are beginning to experience some of the wonderful travel they previously deferred. Some reports show travel spending is on the rise, and spending on experiences is outweighing spending on goods....

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Arvest Wealth Management Launches ‘Advanced Planning Team

Arvest Wealth Management is pleased to announce the launch of our Advanced Planning Team, a group of experts and specialists focused on delivering strategies and solutions for high-net-worth individuals and households throughout Arvest’s four-state footprint. “At...

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Female looking at stock market while sitting on couch

Eleven Ways to Help Yourself Stay Sane in a Crazy Market

Keeping your cool can be difficult when the market goes on one of its periodic roller-coaster rides. Having strategies in place can prepare you, both financially and psychologically, to handle market volatility. Here are 11 ways to avoid making hasty decisions,...

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Caregiver reading with a child

In Brief: The Special Needs Trust

Serving as a caregiver for a child or adult who has special needs brings unique challenges and is an admirable role. Each disability can present unique challenges, which require unique solutions. However, one common challenge involves managing financial resources,...

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Inflation Watch

The U.S. economy had never experienced anything like the coronavirus pandemic, which triggered widespread lockdowns of the local economy and a general economic contraction.  Once vaccines became available, the economy did not reopen smoothly, with many disruptions...

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Couple Meeting with a Financial Advisor

Investment Planning: The Basics

Why do so many people never obtain the financial independence they desire? Often, it is just because they do not take the first step — getting started. Besides procrastination, other excuses people make include investing is too risky, too complicated, too time...

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Pregnant Couple Painting Nursey

Preparing for Parenthood

You are about to become a parent. Congratulations! Parenthood may be one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have. There are also a lot of new factors to consider. An Arvest Wealth Management Client Advisor can walk through the planning process with you...

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Getting the most from Social Security

Getting the most from Social Security

Although Social Security is supposed to be supplemental income in retirement, it is still an essential income source for most people and a primary income source for some. Nevertheless, many may not realize they can take steps to maximize their benefits either by...

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Family sitting around a laptop having a discussion

Having “The Inheritance Talk.”

When is the right time to talk with heirs about inheritance?  It will probably be awkward because the conversation involves both money and death, and most people prefer not to think about either. Sometimes, an heir’s expectation of an eventual windfall can take...

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Young couple holding toddler on couch smiling

Life Insurance at Various Life Stages

Your need for life insurance changes as your life changes. When you are young, you typically need less life insurance, but as you take on more responsibility and as your family grows you may need more. Then, as your responsibilities once again begin to diminish,...

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Does ESG have an Edge in Investing?

Does ESG have an Edge in Investing?

Over the last month, many have asked themselves what they can do to help Ukrainians who are suffering, and many companies have stepped up beyond government sanction requirements. Some companies have stopped doing business in Russia, and some have raised money for...

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